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Custom Grinding

Ener-Con offers clean, efficient, and safe grinding with horizontal and tub grinders. Our grinders can produce high volumes of ground material and transform chips, pallets, stumps, logs, cut-offs, brush, leaves, bark, compost, and wood waste into useful, recycled end products. Heavy duty and mobile, our grinders can promptly grind a variety of wood products. We use the best grinders designed to reduce a range of materials within ample time. With our professional and skillfully trained operators, we assure an increase in your jobsite efficiencies and expenses.

Why Mulch?

Mulch is a great option for your home for more reasons than design and looks. Mulch can be used to retain moisture in soil and weed growth. If you have a garden/garden bed that has more sunlight than shade, mulch can keep moisture and keep your soil cool.

Our natural mulch (organic) is also beneficial to the quality of soil. Natural mulch will eventually decompose. This allows for fresh mulch to be used without removing the previous load. Decomposition also means it can improve the soil’s fertility.

Our Enviro-Wood mulch is drier due to it being recycled wood fiber. This means it will decompose slower and it will hold its color a little longer. Of course, all mulch creates a more attractive look with the texture and color. The colorant used for our Enviro-Wood is a non-toxic, organic and water based, which is not harmful to pets or plantings.

All our mulch products are Wisconsin local. We are state certified to stop the spread of gypsy-moth and emerald ash borer.

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  • Decorative Stone
  • Aggregate Stone

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