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 Ener-Con, Inc., in Hartford, WI, is the area’s leading mulch supplier serving Dodge, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha counties. We specialize in landscape supply. For more information, contact Ener-Con, Inc. in Hartford.

The History Of Ener-Con, Inc

In 1982, Ener-Con, Inc. was created by Ken Goeman and two of his sons. From building bottom boards in a basement of an apartment, to selling firewood, to repairing and building pallets, to selling mulch, the company grew and learned how to perfect the grind, color, and quality of mulch. With the help of long-time family friends Jerry Gruber and Jeff Justman and Ken’s daughter Linda Goeman, Ener-Con has grown into Southeastern Wisconsin’s leading landscape supplier.


The business route for Ken Goeman and two of his sons started with building bottom boards and pallets out of an apartment basement to hold hot metal castings. When their production spot got too small, new opportunities arose and they moved to Ken’s garage in Hartford, WI.


Ener-Con, Inc. was formed (1982). Ener-Con was shortly a firewood producer out of Iron Ridge, but pulled back to Hartford to pursue mulch not long after. Logging mills, where they received lumber for the bottom boards and pallets, would have giant piles of chipped bark, created from de-barking logs to get clean lumber. Natural mulch was just becoming popular, so Ener-Con became a wholesale distributer. Jerry Gruber, long-time family friend of Ken Goeman joined the team.


Ener-Con, Inc. purchased one of the first color machines in the United States. Over the years, different colors were used, but the classic red, black, gold and brown have proved to be the favorites.

2000s – Present

Long time family friend Jeff Justman and Ken’s daughter Linda Goeman joined the Ener-Con team and would eventually become co-owners (2021) after the passing of both Ken (2017) and Jerry (2020). Ener-Con is still run with the same family practices from the 1970s and we look forward to every season with a smile.

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