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How much is a bag of mulch vs a yard of mulch?

One yard of mulch is equal to approximately 13 bags of mulch.

How many yards at a time can I get delivered?

Our delivery truck can hold up to 15 yards of mulch, 4 yards of topsoil, and 4 yards of stone per delivery.

Do you have a minimum number of yards I have to order for pickup or delivery?

We do not have a minimum requirement.

What is the best mulch for bug resistance?

Our cedar mulch will help deter bugs and can act as a natural repellant.

What if my pet eats your mulch, will they be ok?

Yes! Our natural mulches are organic, natural bark off Wisconsin native tree, and our Enviro-Wood is a recycled wood with a non-toxic, organic, water-based colorant.

What is growing in my mulch?

*These are airborne and do not come with the mulch. These are natural fungi that may grow in the perfect medium of mulch.

Mushrooms – These can vary in size and color but are non-edible and can be ignored or removed.

Slime Molds – Commonly known as “dog vomit” are brightly colored, yellow, or orange, and can be anywhere from a few inches to a foot across. These are normally temporary and can be left in place to decompose or can be removed and used in compost or discarded.

How can I deal with Spring Showers & Color-Enriched Mulch

The Coloring Process

To understand how colored mulch may experience product “washing” on occasion it is necessary to have a general understanding of how the color-enriching process works. The colorant is dispersed in a water-based solution in the production process. Water is the carrier that enables the colorant to coat the wood fiber surface. While water is of great value to help evenly coat the wood fiber with rich color, it also acts as a carrier between the wood and colorant particles until fully dried. When the mulch is completely dry the colorant particles bond to the wood and cannot be broken just by adding additional water, such as rain or a sprinkler system.

The bond needs time to form between the colorant particle and the wood fiber. This is referred to as critical drying time.

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Whether it be mulch, stone, sand, or topsoil, we can provide you with visual samples of our products. You will be able to compare colors and size to know what will be perfect for your project. If you are still struggling on a design, we have several great local contractors who we can refer you to.*

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Use Our Coverage Calculator

Gone are the days of long division. We have attached an easy-to-use coverage calculator to help you estimate how many yards of product you will need! Enter your rough estimates of area and put your desired thickness (average is 3 in.) and calculate! The calculation will give you approximately how many yards needed to cover your areas.

Use our coverage calculator 5

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